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There were no delays on production and after quality check of the products which was done in USA the results were very satisfying and this increased the trust in this supplier. Definitely the collaboration between us will continue

—— Florin Sarpe,Romania

Product was good and price was good. Good Supplier!

—— m karlsen,Canada

Cooperate and works well to get things done.

—— larry tan,Philippines

Good supplier. Easy communicate and follow up.

—— Atipong Chookruwong,Thailand

Sample of the cleaning brush was excellent. They've assured us a good quality and that's what we've received. Supplier coordinated with us very well.

—— Cliff Garcia,Philippines

Product is exactly as described and perfect for our requirements

—— Emma, Singapore

good service!


The products arrived well packaged and order was fully met the requirements,everything was fine.

—— BestTwoBuy .,Netherlands

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In general, if the brush quality problems, the basic is that the brush presents significant quality problems (such as broken wire, hair removal, etc.), but in addition to the quality of the brush wire distinction, but also must be analyzed on the processing technology, common examples are analyzed as follows:


1, Brush silk density is small.Some brush factory in order to save the cost of silk, brush brush root per hole number of rare, or brush hole density is not good, resulting in brush roller overall hair amount is rare, brush hair soft and weak, grinding power is low, users do not know so, increase back pressure or speed to improve the power, so that brush silk overload work, life greatly reduced.


2, Brush silk hair planting skew.Pressure hair u-shaped metal strip, need to pay special attention to whether the wire is smooth, if there is a cross skew, brush roller operation reverse brush wire resistance, easy to break wire, so that the life of the brush roller.


3, Brush off (break) hair.Industrial brush there are two main scenes: single beam off, partially off (broken) hair.Single bundle depilation is the poor firmness of wool planting, which is mainly related to the size of borehole, the size of wool planting slice, the depth and the number of underhairs.In fact, part of the depilation is mainly broken hair, mainly with the force of the brush roller dynamic balance, brush quality, planting (pressure) hair (density, skew, crush, resin curing, etc.) quality, through careful observation, can find the crux.


4, Processing crush brush wire.When the brush wire is damaged when planting wool or washing the limiting brush, its strength and endurance have a great impact, or the contact surface of the brush wire root is very sharp or rough, the brush wire tolerance will also decline, reduce the use life.


5, Brush silk trimming is too long.When the length of the brush wire is too long, not the cutting surface of the brush wire in the operation, but the side of the brush wire in the operation, more importantly, each wire swing ups and downs (point of view) a lot of add, in the 800-2500 rotation speed/minute, the stress and fatigue coefficient of the brush wire foundation multiplied, resulting in abrasive brush wire broken wire, brush roller deformation.


6, Industrial brush processing technology differences.Sometimes brush with his familiar process to replace other, also can produce quality is poor, such as metal stamping brush, because of the dense, brush surface hardness is larger, when using pressure is small, and we have a small amount of wire brush root activity space, can reduce the impact of the root, in the pneumatic mechanical processing, using his brush will be significantly longer than flocking processing.

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